it’s been a while

So yes, it has, been a while. As I probably mentioned in my last post in late 2013, I started a new job last year and moved to a new city (back to my hometown, but still…). And yes, while I love my new job, it has been demanding and caused me to back off the whole blog thing for a while. But rest assured I still love the blog world and am slowly dipping my feet back into that realm. While summer has decided to make a (late) appearance, it’s definitely hard to think about dressing for fall. The time to start planning for that is now, though.

Also for the remainder of this year I really want to focus on remixing pieces I already have into everyday use. I’m not really in the mood to buy anything new and hope I can find some renewed inspiration in my closet!

Trends I’m noticing for this fall that I’ll touch on in the next few weeks:

1. Menswear

2. Pattern mixing

3. Simplicity

4. Casual Chic

5. Dressing up smarter

6. Mixing casual and dressy

I’ll address these things in a future post. But for now I just wanted to say hello again and hope you haven’t given up on your own Lessons IN Style!

fall preview

Neutrals are big this fall – and two of my favorites, gray and olive green are all over the place right now.  These are two colors that don’t take much thought when mixing with any other color on the spectrum.


Gray in many forms feels refined but cool.  You can wear one piece alone or mix up shades of gray for a head-to-toe look.

Olive Green

The military look is big right now and of course olive green fits right in with that trend.  It’s easy to mix it with almost any color in the spectrum, but pairing it with red may be a bit much, so I caution against that unless the holiday look is what you are trying to achieve.

In stores now:


Madewell Boatneck Cableknit Sweater – $110

Old Navy Ponte Fit and Flare Skirt – $26.94 (Great buy!)

Old Navy Ponte Knit Pants – $29.94 (Great buy!)

Gap Colorblock Striped Dress – $54.95

Old Navy Women’s Sueded Pointed Toe Flats – $26.94 (Great buy!)

Michael Kors Large Hamilton North-South Leather Tote – $358 (Investment piece!)

Olive Green

Old Navy Women’s Twill Shirt Dress – $34.94 (Great buy!)

J. Crew Andie Chino – $89.50

J. Crew Excursion Quilted Vest – $138 (If you are into camo!)

Old Navy Women’s Smocked Waist Crepe Skirt – $24.94 (Great buy!)

Modcloth Olive Me Flat – $32.99 (Great buy!)

Rebecca Minkoff Diamond Quilt Mini Affair – $195 (Investment piece!)

on target – jewelry and shoes

The other day, I showed you dresses available at Target right now — all under $50.  Today I’m bringing you jewelry and shoes available at Target right now — all under $40.

Once again, having a hard time picking favorites, but I personally bought 1, 2, and 4 from the jewelry and 2 (in nude) and 3 (in leopard print) from the shoes.  The jewelry is great – the bracelets are a lot of fun and are really cute in person and the necklace is something I’ve been trying to find for a while.  I don’t have the shoes yet so we will see if they fit.  I’ll let you know.  So many great options!

Have you bought any of these things recently?


1.  Giraffe Stretch Cuff Bracelet Yellow – $12.99

2.  Zebra Stretch Cuff Bracelet Black/White – $12.99

3.  Three Rows Drop Bracelet Green/Blue – $16.99

4.  Three Rows Drop Bracelet White/Gold – $16.99

5.  Gold Pendant Tassle Long Necklace – $12.99

6.  Pear Agate Pendant Necklace Coral – $29.99

7.  Fuchsia Gold Enamel Screw Bangle – $14.99

8.  Flower Pearl Bracelet Green/Gold/White – $12.99


1.  Women’s Merona Ellie Genuine Leather Cap Toe Flat With Buckle – Cream/Black – $39.99

2.  Women’s Merona Edda Zip Back Low Wedge Sandal – Assorted Colors – $22.99

3.  Women’s Merona Etha Cork Low Wedge Sandal – Assorted Colors – $19.99

on target – dresses

Target has some great dresses right now for many occasions  — all less than $50.  I can’t pick a favorite, can you?


Buy dresses here:

1.  Rugby Shirt Dress  $22.99

2.  Chambray Shirt Dress  $27.99

3.  Pleated Tie Front Chiffon Dress  $49.99

4.  Refined Lace Dress  $27.99

Coming tomorrow, jewelry and shoes available at Target right now!

spring prep

It’s official.  It’s spring.  Because I said so.  As much as I love my boots, sweaters, coats, etc., I’m ready to move on.  When the spring stuff starts arriving in stores in January and February, I’m usually not ready for … Continue reading