journey in style

What is the purpose of Labor Day?  Does anyone really know?  No matter (Google it if you are really dying to know).  It’s typically the last three-day weekend anyone travels before fall busyness sets in and the holidays roll around the corner (let’s not even go there yet…scary).  One of the questions I received from a friend recently was about what to wear while travelling.  What a great question because this area can be super tricky.  Do you suffer with what to wear on a road trip or plane ride?  It’s hot, then it’s cold, then you have to take shoes off in security.  You need to make sure you are comfortable too.  Let’s get this worked out so you don’t have to worry about what to wear on your journey along with what to pack for the rest of the trip.  Eek!  Packing for a trip is a whole other blog post!

I think it’s best to first make a list of things you shouldn’t wear.

1)  Boots, whether they be flat, high heel, over the knee, you get the idea.  If you wear boots in an airport, going through security is not going to be fun.  Your boots will be clunky and hard to remove, they won’t be especially easy to fit into the tray that goes through the x-ray machine, and then you have to put them back on, which will really piss off the people behind you because it will take you longer.  And, you won’t be comfortable once you get on the plane, or in a car for that matter.  I seriously advise staying away from them all together.  One exception — ankle booties might be okay, depending on the heel.

2)  High heels of any kind.  Just don’t do it.  I’ve seen that rare person walking through the airport in 4 to 5 inch heels and it looks ridiculous.  Think about all the walking you have to do in an airport.  This rule also stands for travelling in a car, it’s just not ideal at all.  If you are travelling for work or other function, and you will be heading to that straight away off the plane or car, then heels are an exception.  Even then, 4 to 5 inch heels are not acceptable for work!  Yet again, another blog post will be necessary for us to talk about work appropriate attire.

3)  Shorty shorts or skirts/dresses.  You will not be comfortable and you will end up pulling or moving things around to try and keep your bits covered up.  Plus, you don’t want to flash some creepy random guy in the airport or on the plane.  If you must wear a skirt or shorts, make sure when you sit, you are still appropriately covered.

Enough of the things you shouldn’t wear.  What should you wear?

1)  Comfortable long sleeve or quarter sleeve cotton shirt.  If you get warm, you can push sleeves up, if you are cold, push them down.

2)  A pair of pants or jeans.  Make sure the pants you choose have a little stretch to them.  A lot of jeans have 2% Lycra, which is ideal because these will stretch with your every movement and will be comfortable for prolonged periods of sitting.  Another option is to wear leggings.  Be very careful with these.  We haven’t covered leggings yet on Lessons In Style.  Your butt and nether regions have got to be completely covered with a tunic, long sweater, or long shirt dress.

3)  Flats.  Floors in airports and public bathrooms are dirty.  You don’t really want your feet catching all that nasty dirtiness with sandals.  And my feet get cold easily, do yours?  No?  Well, you get my drift.  If you really need to have a pair of sandals for when you get off the plane on the tropical island (jealous!), put a pair in your carry on bag.  This is what I did for our honeymoon (I actually had an entire change of clothes in my carry on for when we got off the plane).  And you might have to do a lot of walking between airport gates and flats will have better support.  Really, flats are more ideal for a plane trip.  I’ve worn sandals on a car trip and have been fine.  Use your judgment here.

4)  A scarf.  But!  You say, it’s warm out!  Stay with me here.  A scarf can be used for many things.  You can use it as a pillow, to cover your nose/mouth when the person next to you on the plane sneezes or coughs (yes, it happens) or to put around you if you get chilly.  You feeling me yet?

5)  A watch.  If you have to turn your phone off on the plane, you will still know the time!  Plus, a cute watch looks chic and it’s an easy accessory.

6)  If you are travelling in colder months, a sweater or light jacket (or coat depending upon where you are going) will be necessary.   Both a sweater and jacket can be layered for your hot/cold spells.

7)  A crossbody or messenger purse.  These purses will be easy to maneuver on your trip, plus, if you are doing a lot of sightseeing, they will come in handy.

Examples of travel outfits:

Rachel Bilson courtesy of InStyle Magazine online.

Jennifer Aniston travel outfit courtesy of Just Jared

The point of this post is that while you want to be comfortable, you don’t need to sacrifice style.  Is there a special item you wear when you travel?

saving face

In this post I want to talk about this fabulous at home facial I just did.  My skin looks translucent.  No really.  I’m not kidding and I’m not trying to sell you anything or force you to buy anything.  I’m just sayin’ that my skin looks awesome, fantastic, beautiful, etc, etc, etc.  You might be thinking, but skin has nothing to do with style.  WRONG!  Skin care is super important.  I mean, it’s the first thing people see, right?  You want it to look its best.

I’m always looking for that perfect product that will make my skin look super radiant, special, less oily, and pore free!  My friend Kate and I complain endlessly about our large pores and oily skin.  But, I’m also concerned about wrinkles and other such things.  It’s a fact that all of us are getting older (although SOME of us are older than others, no names mentioned here…).  If you have a perfect combination that already works for you, then that’s great!  I’m happy for you.  But, this one worked for me and I want to share it with you!

This is a mixture of different products.  I’ve tried using all the same line before, but I think like anything else in life, no one has it all.  One makeup/product/beauty line cannot possibly be the absolute very best at everything.  So, I mixed it up big time.  Here it goes, in order:

1)  First, I washed my face with Philosophy Purity Gel Cleanser.  I’ve been a big fan of Philosophy for years.  This gel cleanser is fantastic.  I was having some problems with breakouts about six months ago and I decided to go back to the Purity cleanser.  The gel is fairly new and I love it.  It also has an eye makeup remover built in.  I still use another eye makeup remover because my eyes are super sensitive and I don’t like risking getting anything gel like in my eyes.  It’s good for oily skin, but I think it’s good for all skin types, really.

Purity Made Simple Gel Cleanser

2)  Next, I used BeautiControl Spa Warming Trend Green Tree Masque.  This masque is great.  Once you put it on your face, it starts warming immediately.  You rub it on your face for about two minutes and then rinse off.  You see results right away.  Your skin will look softer.

BeautiControl Spam Warming Masque

3)  Then, I used Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set.  You scrub gently on your entire face for about two minutes, then rinse.  This makes your lines and bad stuff disappear as fast as you can see it!  This set comes with a Step 1. Microdermabrasion Refine (which is what I just used here) and a step 2. Replenish (don’t use this yet, I’ll tell you when).

Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set

4)  Then, I used my go to fail safe leave on masque that I use several times a week because the results are a-maz-ing.  You will take the masque off and want to use even more because it’s this good.  And the best thing?  It’s SO cheap.  And easy to find.  What is this miracle product?  Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.  I buy it at Walgreens.  I think it costs less than $4.  People, go buy this.  One word of caution, use an old washcloth each time you wash this off.  Apply it liberally to your face and neck and wash off after about 15 minutes.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

5)  Take a cotton ball and use this toner on your face:  Organix:  Ever Clear:  Tea Tree Oil Control Toner.  This is available at most drugstores.  Some of you might skip this step or add your own toner to the mix.  I’ve used this for a while and I really like it.

Organix Toner

6)  Apply step 2 from the Mary Kay microdermabrasion set, Replenish.  Next, follow up with your favorite moisturizer, eye cream, etc.

This entire facial made my 11’s disappear.  What?  You don’t know about 11’s?!?  Those are the two lines that appear between your eyebrows.  :/  Some of us are predisposed to these lines, others get them from frowning or squinting too much.  Not only that, it just made my skin look great overall.

One more plug for Philosophy.  We know that we need to wear sunscreen on our face and neck (and other parts, but I’m bad about that unless I’m laying out) every day we are exposed to the sun.  In the morning before my makeup, I always, always, always apply Philosophy The Supernatural SPF 15 and primer to my face and neck.  This is a great primer for your skin, making pores and other flaws disappear.  And it has SPF so that’s good.  I really couldn’t live without this product.  It’s slightly tinted but it blends well.  Try it and let me know what you think!

Philosophy Supernatural

That’s it for today.  Do you have any special beauty treatments you swear by?  I’d love to hear about it!  And possibly in the future I’ll share more of mine!

classy does it

I am drawn to classic style.  I cannot look at a Jackie O. photo without thinking how wonderful she looks.  I don’t think she ever looked bad!  So, with that in mind, in this post I’m going to talk about dressing classically.  I realize that not everyone dresses this way but if you are looking for a way to ease into stepping up your style, I think this is one of the best ways to do it.  Dressing classically will also make you look like you didn’t try very hard, and that’s what you want, right???

1)  Probably the easiest recipe out there for those who need a quick outfit for errands, a lunch date, or a casual dinner out with friends.  Black sweater or top, straight leg jeans, black belt, and black flats.  And she looks so put together!  If you wanted to add some color to this outfit, a scarf, shoes or purse would be an ideal way to go!  Word of warning here, make sure your jeans look this polished.  In order to get the most wear out of a jean, make sure they don’t have rips, fancy jewels on the butt, or distress marks!

Elle McPherson Classic Style Courtesy of Sartorial Inspirations

2)  Doesn’t Olivia Palermo look like she’s channeling Audrey Hepburn here?  I need to point out that while she is wearing an outfit similar to what Ms. Hepburn would have worn, Olivia keeps it up-to-date with her trendy purse and leopard print flats (which are hot, hot, hot!!! this season).  She looks absolutely fabulous here and once again, it’s an easy outfit to copy.  Short sleeved shell top and skinny jeans/pants.  Simple!!!  If you don’t own leopard print flats, try this outfit with black, grey, or camel colored flats.  And it would be okay to cover up this shell with a jacket or cardigan if you are chilly.

Olivia Palermo Looking Classy! Courtesy of Who What Wear

3) Tie front blouses are big for the fall season.  How to make them look less serious?  Cover it up with a classy, but fun, black trimmed jacket and boot cut jeans (which are also still fresh for fall).  If you don’t have a jacket like Katie’s, a black one will do just fine.  Once again, keep the jeans clean people!

Katie Holmes Courtesy of People StyleWatch

4)  The woman in the photo below is wearing one of my favorite combinations:  A navy jacket and a camel sweater over a chambray shirt.  These are 3 KEY pieces to have in your wardrobe.  They can be mixed multiple ways.  I’m not going to list all the possible combos here but if you need to know, just ask!

Woman dressed classically

5)  And I just had to finish with Jackie O. herself.  What do you think?  Doesn’t her style transcend time?  I think so!  Layering necklaces is big right now and so are tunics.  Which makes me come to my final point about dressing classically.  There is a fine line between looking like you are stuck in a time warp versus dressing classically and looking modern.  This photo looks like it could have been taken on the street today.  It’s all about putting the basic pieces together, but keeping your options open with tasteful accessories that will never go out of style!

Jackie O. in her classic style

the skinny of it

This is a very controversial subject.  Skinny jeans/pants.  What?  You thought I was going to talk about the election?  Or if residents of Florida should be fleeing right now?  No people.  While those are important subjects, I probably don’t have the expertise to write an entire blog post about them.  So, skinny jeans/pants it is.

I am not going to deem skinny jeans/pants an age appropriate item.  With anything in life, skinny jeans/pants are best taken in small doses.  I think if you are over the age of 40, you can get away with them If. The. Pants. Fit. You. Right.  Now, some might not agree with me.  Pffffft.  That’s okay.  You are allowed your opinion.  I will say that the super tight look might not be the best option for those over the age of 30 (heck, maybe even 25 – you get my point!).   I say leave the super tight (We can see the vein outline in your legs skinny!) skinny jeans/pants to those who have never lived without a cell phone.  Or the New York hipsters and scenesters.

You may be confused.  Why is she saying skinny jeans/pants?  Because!  There are these special pants out there that look like skinny jeans but they aren’t!  No, they are skinny pants and they come in stretchy cottony material!

Let’s look at two skinny jeans/pants options.

1.  J. Crew makes these wonderful things called the Minnie Pant.  I love them in so many ways.  They are one of the best pant inventions I have ever come across.  And they come in tons of fun colors.  See, don’t they look like a colored skinny jean in black???  But!  They are a cotton and spandex blend.  Now, if you purchase these wonderful pants, it does say they are dry clean.  But, the day I first bought them the girl in the store told me she owned several pairs of these wonderfully delicious pants and all she did was wash them and hang to dry.  It works.  I’ve done it.  Tell me someone over 50 can’t get wear these.  I dare you!

Click on the photo below to go directly to J. Crew’s web site and blow your budget on Minnie pants in Black, British Khaki (Did you know that was a color?  Yes, yes, it’s very official!), Navy, Boulevard Green (Did you read my post yesterday about Hunter Green?  Well, you can get your green fix with these pants!!!), Vibrant Flame (now $79.50) and Deep Orchid (now $49.99).

Minnie Pant Courtesy of J. Crew – $89.50

2.  J. Brand makes a wonderful masterpiece of a jean.  They really do.  One day I will find the courage to spend this much on a pair of pants.  I know what you are thinking.  What?!?  She would spend that much on a pair of pants!!!  And I hang my head in shame.  Yes, I would.  And I’ll tell you why.  See, dear readers, there is this thing that exists called cost per wear.  And trust me.  I would wear the heck out of these things.  So, by the time these pants were ready to retire from my closet, the cost per wear would probably be .01.  Think about it.  It’s a crazy concept.  I”ll let you work the math here for a while.

See The Duchess below in her J. Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg in Navy Twill.  Doesn’t she look so classic in these?  By now you probably think I have a crush on her.  No, not really, although my husband would like to think that I do.  No, no.  I just think she has it down style-wise.  Of course, I would have it totally down as well if I had millions of dollars at my disposal.  But that is a story for another day.

Click on the link below to blow your entire house payment on these jeans!  Just kidding.  They aren’t THAT bad.

Kate Middleton J. Brand Jeans – $169 Courtesy of Instyle

Do you know the best thing about skinny jeans/pants?  You can tuck them into your boots without the dreaded fold over line.  C’mon.  You know what I’m talking about.  When you try to shove your not-so-skinny jeans/pants into your boots for the fall/winter.  We know your secret!

I will leave you with one more word of caution about skinny jeans/pants, or really any pant for that matter.  Watch the rolling at the bottom.  You’ve got to be careful.  Sometimes it can make you look stumpy.  I think you can get away with it if the upper part of your body appears longer (Yes!  You can make your torso look longer by what you are wearing!  Post for another day.  If you really want to know, just ask me!) or if your pants are higher waisted.

See, great example below.  Keri Russell is in a skinny(er) cuffed khaki.  She looks great because the pants are higher waisted.  Does this mean that I never cuff my skinny jeans/pants?  Of course not!  It means that some days I just mind less than others.  One way to get away with it is if you are wearing a high heel with your cuffed pants.  Please don’t keep cuffing in place of a good tailor.  The next time you need a pair of jeans/pants hemmed, ask the tailor to keep the original hem.  If they look at you like you are Brittany Spears and you just shaved your head in front of them, run and find yourself another tailor stat!  Life is too short to suffer with a bad tailor.  In an ideal world, your skinny jean/pant should hit right above your ankle, sans cuff!

Keri Russell skinny khaki cuffed courtesy of InStyle

trends you can fall for Part I

I’ve been pouring over my style magazines looking for inspiration lately.  I mentioned what I wanted to purchase for fall in my post Yearning For Fall Part 1.  This post will clue you in to many of the fall trends heading our way.  I’ll be back with part II sometime soon!

1.  Color Blocking:  This trend just will not go away and I’m okay with that.  Color blocking varies in extremes from outfits consisting of four different bright colors to outfits of neutral and black.  Here are some examples of how you can color block.

Accessories:  I own the Ann Taylor purse shown below.  It’s a great way to add color blocking to your life without going too crazy.  Even with the color block trend this purse displays, it will always be a classic and it goes with everything.  Sorry, if you are dying to buy this purse, I purchased it last fall.  It’s no longer available.  😦  Although you might be able to catch it on ebay.

Any Taylor color block purse courtesy of

Another way to add color blocking is through manicures.  I’ll admit this is my least favorite way to color block because when it comes to nail color, I’m a traditionalist.  But, you may like it so here you go!

Color Block nails courtesy of Pinterest

Outfits:  Jessica of What I Wore is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  She has a wide array of outfit ideas on her blog.  Probably not too smart to send my readers away from my blog to Jessica’s but, she’s been doing it a lot longer than me and she has a huge amount of inspiration photos.  Her outfit below is a perfect example of how you can color block and not get too crazy.  A good example of a conservative color blocking.

Jessica of What I Wore color blocking

SJP’s outfit is an example of how you can add a little more spunk to your color blocking.  People went mad over her two bright colors and white shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker red and pink courtesy of styleedition blog

Shoes:  These examples of color blocking incorporate one more trend that is hot right now, capped toed shoes.  Do you want these shoes below?  I do.

J. Crew beige and black pumps courtesy of – $248

J. Crew green and navy blue ballet flats courtesy of – $148

2.  Pattern mixing:  This takes a little bit of practice.  You need to make sure your separates have the same color scheme going on.  This is not an excuse to just throw any old thing with any other old thing.  Once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.

Stripes and polka dots courtesy of

Pattern mixing courtesy of

3.  Burgundy and Hunter Green:  These two colors are all over fashion magazines and stores right now.  I have a love hate relationship with these two colors.  I typically don’t care for burgundy in decorating, but I love it when it comes in a big fat wine glass.  And hunter green?  It reminds me of a color someone would paint their 80s den.  So it’s going to take a really special piece for me to want to purchase it in one of these two colors.

This piece is pretty darn special.

Ann Taylor weekender – $348

Also pretty darn special!  Now how would I wear these?  It would be wise to keep the rest of the outfit neutral.  These would look good with camel, gray, and black!

Tory Burch Watersnake Eddie Ballet Flat – $250

nauti by nature

My friend Betsey (Hi BB! – bet you never thought you would be mentioned in a blog post with this title, right?!?) and I have an affinity for all things nautical.  I say no way does the nautical fascination need to end once summer is over.  Please continue those stripes, anchors, and knot-themed items throughout the year!  My love for J. Crew is lost on no one and they have some great things on clearance right now.  I won’t go into that here – you can check out their web site and peruse those yourself.  But I do want to talk about how you can carry these pieces into other seasons.  There are many, many ways to re-purpose certain items in your closet for the next season.

1)  Moving a dress into the next season by adding opaque tights, booties, and a trench?  Check!  I love this look.  It’s such an easy way to keep pushing those spring/summer clothes into the rest of the year.  Just be sure the dress you choose is not sheer or see through.  The material should be heavy enough to protect you from the elements!

Alexa Chung striped dress and trench.  Photo courtesy of

2) Ines (on the left, the model from her book on the right) shows you how simple yet refined a striped tee can be with a blazer, jeans, and spunky necklace.  Your color combos here are endless.  You can actually pair navy stripes with a black, navy, gray, camel, red, or coral/orange blazer.  If you have a red striped tee, it works with black, navy, camel, or gray (for some real craziness, pair red with pink!).  I could list all the color combos, but I think you get the idea.

Stripes and blazer – Ines de la Fressange (on the left), author of Parisian Chic and model from her book (on the right)

3)  I die.  This anchor scarf is a-dor-a-ble.  Who wouldn’t want to extend its life throughout fall?  Just imagine it with your striped shirt/navy blazer (minus the necklace I mentioned in #2) or striped dress/trench above.  What a fun way to add color to your outfit!

Anchor scarf, courtesy of

4)  This anchor tank is not for the faint of heart!  If you decide to wear this for fall or winter, make sure you keep the rest of your outfit super simple.  There is so much going on here that you don’t really need much jewelry, if any at all.  Maybe just a ring or two.  Put a simple blazer or jean jacket over this.

Anchor sequin tank courtesey of J. Crew

5) So stripes have dominated this post.  Sorry about that!  It’s hard to not talk about so many stripes when they have been everywhere this year.  Don’t be fooled by thinking only people of a certain size can wear stripes.  If you have the right fit, I promise you can look good in stripes.  Your key is to make sure whatever you are wearing shows your shape properly.  Nothing boxy!  Boxy is never a good idea anyway.  This picture below is pretty self explanatory.  Take your striped cardigan and put it over a fun tee for a dressy or casual look.  You can also pair this cardigan over a solid print dress that you wore all summer (coral would be SO cute).  Put some tights under the dress, add some boots and there you go!

Striped sweater courtesy of Old Navy and Gap

style inspiration for men – Ryan Gosling

Here at Lessons In Style I’m all about finding a style muse.  I fully believe that when it comes to style, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.  You can always just add your own twist if you’d like.  One of my favorite male style icons is Ryan Gosling.  He has a good sense of what works for him.  Let’s take a look at what Ryan has to offer.

1)  Granted, it’s not a full-length photo.  But, I think Ryan looks ultra stylish in his brown tweed jacket and button up shirt.  His cool wayfarer sunglasses make him less stuffy, which a tweed jacket can do if you aren’t careful.  That’s one of my style rules.  If you have a classic piece, like a tweed jacket, add something opposite on the spectrum into the mix.  In this case, it keeps Ryan from looking too Prince Charles on a country holiday.

Ryan Gosling in tweed jacket Courtesy of Rayban

2) Now, to be fair, in the two photos below, Ryan is on the set of his upcoming movie, Gangster Squad (set to open in January).  However, I have seen the return of the three-piece suit recently.  I think it’s a nice look on a man.  That vest just adds coolness to the look.  Men, try this for a wedding or other formal gathering.  You might be surprised at who follows your lead!  My advice to keep it from looking like your grandpa back in the day?  Your shoes should be on the modern side, make sure you avoid pleated pants, and oh yeah, skip the pocket watch!  😉

Ryan Gosling three piece suit Courtesy of  Just Jared

Ryan Gosling three piece suit Courtesy of Just Jared

3) Okay, okay.  So Ryan doesn’t look especially stylish here.  In fact, I think his pants are a little short and his shoes a little rough around the edges.  But, I couldn’t help showing off that he is representing my hometown!

Ryan Gosling Indy 500 shirt, but ill-fitting pants Courtesy of News Absolutely Net

4) Does it get better than this?  Ryan in a black tuxedo jacket worn casually?  If you saw my post from yesterday, I talked about my obsession with a white tuxedo jacket with black accents.  Ryan looks fantastic in this gray and black version with a white t-shirt underneath and casual black pants.  What a great way to add some coolness to a date night look!

Ryan Gosling looking ultra-cool in tuxedo jacket Courtesy of

yearning for fall…Part I

It’s been such a long,  hot summer everywhere.  People all around me are talking about how it should be cooling off by now.  Well, when the hot weather started in April/May instead of June/July, of course we are all ready for a break!   In all reality though, we know we still have some more hot weather ahead of us.  But!  That doesn’t mean you can’t start planning what you want to wear for fall.  My Pinterest style board has been filling up with new fall inspirations that I’ve been trying to wait to wear, but in a feeble attempt, I’ve just re-purposed those looks for warmer weather clothes.  And the magazines I subscribe to are full of fall trends that are all the rage (hello burgundy and hunter green!).

These are some things on my wish list for fall:

1)  A gray Schoolboy blazer from J. Crew.  I own the navy blue Schoolboy from the Crew and I love it.  So, the gray one must make its way into my closet as well.

J. Crew Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel – $198

2)  A camel color or nude leather jacket.  I already own the perfect black leather jacket and a dark brown leather jacket.  But I really want something lighter that can be worn with everything.

Women’s camel leather jacket – Fossil – $348

3)  Nude patent leather wedges or heels.  I own a pair of Jessica Simpson nude open-toed heels but would love to have some that are close-toed.  Also, the Duchess of Cambridge has simply brought back the wedge heel.  For a while now she’s been sporting them in black, navy blue, and nude.  I own several pairs of wedge heels but would love to add nude to that collection.

Jimmy Choo Aimee Patent Platform Pump – Nude – $665 (I wish I could buy these!)

J. Crew Martina nude wedge heels – $228

Just for kicks – The Duchess sporting some Stuart Weitzman wedges!

4)  An honest to goodness cashmere sweater.  Now, in full disclosure, I do own cashmere consisting of cashmere/cotton blends, a short sleeve cashmere sweater, a couple of scarves, and a 100% cashmere sweater that was a thrift store find that might or might not be flattering to me (Yes, it happens.  You see that cashmere tag and snatch it up!)  J. Crew has some seriously fabulous cashmere for fall.  Way expensive.  Not sure they are in the budget.  😦

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Polka Dot sweater (I die!!!) – $268

What are you looking for this fall?  Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll talk about boots, boots, and more boots!


One thing I’ve been obsessed with lately is the white tuxedo blazer with black accents.  Sure, some might see them as trendy, but I see them as a natural classic piece that will never go out of style.  You can wear this blazer many ways:  over a cocktail dress, with a t-shirt or dressy shirt and jeans, with black pants, either casual or dressy.  I own the blazer from Forever 21 below.  It is a high quality blazer for the price.

Here are some great options (click on the photos to go directly to the web site):

Satin Collar Blazer – Forever 21 – $29.80

BKE Boutique Tuxedo Blazer – Buckle $68

Alloy Coolwear Tuxedo Blazer – $49.90 – $54.90

Me in my tuxedo blazer!