yearning for fall…Part I

It’s been such a long,  hot summer everywhere.  People all around me are talking about how it should be cooling off by now.  Well, when the hot weather started in April/May instead of June/July, of course we are all ready for a break!   In all reality though, we know we still have some more hot weather ahead of us.  But!  That doesn’t mean you can’t start planning what you want to wear for fall.  My Pinterest style board has been filling up with new fall inspirations that I’ve been trying to wait to wear, but in a feeble attempt, I’ve just re-purposed those looks for warmer weather clothes.  And the magazines I subscribe to are full of fall trends that are all the rage (hello burgundy and hunter green!).

These are some things on my wish list for fall:

1)  A gray Schoolboy blazer from J. Crew.  I own the navy blue Schoolboy from the Crew and I love it.  So, the gray one must make its way into my closet as well.

J. Crew Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel – $198

2)  A camel color or nude leather jacket.  I already own the perfect black leather jacket and a dark brown leather jacket.  But I really want something lighter that can be worn with everything.

Women’s camel leather jacket – Fossil – $348

3)  Nude patent leather wedges or heels.  I own a pair of Jessica Simpson nude open-toed heels but would love to have some that are close-toed.  Also, the Duchess of Cambridge has simply brought back the wedge heel.  For a while now she’s been sporting them in black, navy blue, and nude.  I own several pairs of wedge heels but would love to add nude to that collection.

Jimmy Choo Aimee Patent Platform Pump – Nude – $665 (I wish I could buy these!)

J. Crew Martina nude wedge heels – $228

Just for kicks – The Duchess sporting some Stuart Weitzman wedges!

4)  An honest to goodness cashmere sweater.  Now, in full disclosure, I do own cashmere consisting of cashmere/cotton blends, a short sleeve cashmere sweater, a couple of scarves, and a 100% cashmere sweater that was a thrift store find that might or might not be flattering to me (Yes, it happens.  You see that cashmere tag and snatch it up!)  J. Crew has some seriously fabulous cashmere for fall.  Way expensive.  Not sure they are in the budget.  😦

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Polka Dot sweater (I die!!!) – $268

What are you looking for this fall?  Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll talk about boots, boots, and more boots!

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