nauti by nature

My friend Betsey (Hi BB! – bet you never thought you would be mentioned in a blog post with this title, right?!?) and I have an affinity for all things nautical.  I say no way does the nautical fascination need to end once summer is over.  Please continue those stripes, anchors, and knot-themed items throughout the year!  My love for J. Crew is lost on no one and they have some great things on clearance right now.  I won’t go into that here – you can check out their web site and peruse those yourself.  But I do want to talk about how you can carry these pieces into other seasons.  There are many, many ways to re-purpose certain items in your closet for the next season.

1)  Moving a dress into the next season by adding opaque tights, booties, and a trench?  Check!  I love this look.  It’s such an easy way to keep pushing those spring/summer clothes into the rest of the year.  Just be sure the dress you choose is not sheer or see through.  The material should be heavy enough to protect you from the elements!

Alexa Chung striped dress and trench.  Photo courtesy of

2) Ines (on the left, the model from her book on the right) shows you how simple yet refined a striped tee can be with a blazer, jeans, and spunky necklace.  Your color combos here are endless.  You can actually pair navy stripes with a black, navy, gray, camel, red, or coral/orange blazer.  If you have a red striped tee, it works with black, navy, camel, or gray (for some real craziness, pair red with pink!).  I could list all the color combos, but I think you get the idea.

Stripes and blazer – Ines de la Fressange (on the left), author of Parisian Chic and model from her book (on the right)

3)  I die.  This anchor scarf is a-dor-a-ble.  Who wouldn’t want to extend its life throughout fall?  Just imagine it with your striped shirt/navy blazer (minus the necklace I mentioned in #2) or striped dress/trench above.  What a fun way to add color to your outfit!

Anchor scarf, courtesy of

4)  This anchor tank is not for the faint of heart!  If you decide to wear this for fall or winter, make sure you keep the rest of your outfit super simple.  There is so much going on here that you don’t really need much jewelry, if any at all.  Maybe just a ring or two.  Put a simple blazer or jean jacket over this.

Anchor sequin tank courtesey of J. Crew

5) So stripes have dominated this post.  Sorry about that!  It’s hard to not talk about so many stripes when they have been everywhere this year.  Don’t be fooled by thinking only people of a certain size can wear stripes.  If you have the right fit, I promise you can look good in stripes.  Your key is to make sure whatever you are wearing shows your shape properly.  Nothing boxy!  Boxy is never a good idea anyway.  This picture below is pretty self explanatory.  Take your striped cardigan and put it over a fun tee for a dressy or casual look.  You can also pair this cardigan over a solid print dress that you wore all summer (coral would be SO cute).  Put some tights under the dress, add some boots and there you go!

Striped sweater courtesy of Old Navy and Gap

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