style inspiration for men – Ryan Gosling

Here at Lessons In Style I’m all about finding a style muse.  I fully believe that when it comes to style, copying is the sincerest form of flattery.  You can always just add your own twist if you’d like.  One of my favorite male style icons is Ryan Gosling.  He has a good sense of what works for him.  Let’s take a look at what Ryan has to offer.

1)  Granted, it’s not a full-length photo.  But, I think Ryan looks ultra stylish in his brown tweed jacket and button up shirt.  His cool wayfarer sunglasses make him less stuffy, which a tweed jacket can do if you aren’t careful.  That’s one of my style rules.  If you have a classic piece, like a tweed jacket, add something opposite on the spectrum into the mix.  In this case, it keeps Ryan from looking too Prince Charles on a country holiday.

Ryan Gosling in tweed jacket Courtesy of Rayban

2) Now, to be fair, in the two photos below, Ryan is on the set of his upcoming movie, Gangster Squad (set to open in January).  However, I have seen the return of the three-piece suit recently.  I think it’s a nice look on a man.  That vest just adds coolness to the look.  Men, try this for a wedding or other formal gathering.  You might be surprised at who follows your lead!  My advice to keep it from looking like your grandpa back in the day?  Your shoes should be on the modern side, make sure you avoid pleated pants, and oh yeah, skip the pocket watch!  😉

Ryan Gosling three piece suit Courtesy of  Just Jared

Ryan Gosling three piece suit Courtesy of Just Jared

3) Okay, okay.  So Ryan doesn’t look especially stylish here.  In fact, I think his pants are a little short and his shoes a little rough around the edges.  But, I couldn’t help showing off that he is representing my hometown!

Ryan Gosling Indy 500 shirt, but ill-fitting pants Courtesy of News Absolutely Net

4) Does it get better than this?  Ryan in a black tuxedo jacket worn casually?  If you saw my post from yesterday, I talked about my obsession with a white tuxedo jacket with black accents.  Ryan looks fantastic in this gray and black version with a white t-shirt underneath and casual black pants.  What a great way to add some coolness to a date night look!

Ryan Gosling looking ultra-cool in tuxedo jacket Courtesy of

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