trends you can fall for Part I

I’ve been pouring over my style magazines looking for inspiration lately.  I mentioned what I wanted to purchase for fall in my post Yearning For Fall Part 1.  This post will clue you in to many of the fall trends heading our way.  I’ll be back with part II sometime soon!

1.  Color Blocking:  This trend just will not go away and I’m okay with that.  Color blocking varies in extremes from outfits consisting of four different bright colors to outfits of neutral and black.  Here are some examples of how you can color block.

Accessories:  I own the Ann Taylor purse shown below.  It’s a great way to add color blocking to your life without going too crazy.  Even with the color block trend this purse displays, it will always be a classic and it goes with everything.  Sorry, if you are dying to buy this purse, I purchased it last fall.  It’s no longer available.  😦  Although you might be able to catch it on ebay.

Any Taylor color block purse courtesy of

Another way to add color blocking is through manicures.  I’ll admit this is my least favorite way to color block because when it comes to nail color, I’m a traditionalist.  But, you may like it so here you go!

Color Block nails courtesy of Pinterest

Outfits:  Jessica of What I Wore is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  She has a wide array of outfit ideas on her blog.  Probably not too smart to send my readers away from my blog to Jessica’s but, she’s been doing it a lot longer than me and she has a huge amount of inspiration photos.  Her outfit below is a perfect example of how you can color block and not get too crazy.  A good example of a conservative color blocking.

Jessica of What I Wore color blocking

SJP’s outfit is an example of how you can add a little more spunk to your color blocking.  People went mad over her two bright colors and white shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker red and pink courtesy of styleedition blog

Shoes:  These examples of color blocking incorporate one more trend that is hot right now, capped toed shoes.  Do you want these shoes below?  I do.

J. Crew beige and black pumps courtesy of – $248

J. Crew green and navy blue ballet flats courtesy of – $148

2.  Pattern mixing:  This takes a little bit of practice.  You need to make sure your separates have the same color scheme going on.  This is not an excuse to just throw any old thing with any other old thing.  Once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.

Stripes and polka dots courtesy of

Pattern mixing courtesy of

3.  Burgundy and Hunter Green:  These two colors are all over fashion magazines and stores right now.  I have a love hate relationship with these two colors.  I typically don’t care for burgundy in decorating, but I love it when it comes in a big fat wine glass.  And hunter green?  It reminds me of a color someone would paint their 80s den.  So it’s going to take a really special piece for me to want to purchase it in one of these two colors.

This piece is pretty darn special.

Ann Taylor weekender – $348

Also pretty darn special!  Now how would I wear these?  It would be wise to keep the rest of the outfit neutral.  These would look good with camel, gray, and black!

Tory Burch Watersnake Eddie Ballet Flat – $250

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