white out

“This is my last weekend to wear white for a long time!”  I heard that yesterday from a clothing store salesperson while she chatted with her young cohorts.  I shook my head and just kept on with my shopping.  I know we’ve all heard it before.  You can’t wear white after Labor Day.  My logic in this is, isn’t it always after Labor Day until the next Labor Day?  I don’t know, maybe that only makes sense to me.  I mean, when is the cutoff and when is it okay to wear white again?  Easter?  Memorial Day?  If I followed this rule, this would mean I might miss out on all those opportunities to wear that fabulous winter white I’ve been dying to wear.

Apparently, the no white after Labor Day Rule started back in the early 1900s when well-to-do upper crust citizens changed their clothing colors with the seasons and white was no longer allowed after summer was over.  If you wore white after Labor Day, you clearly showed your lower class status.

So, if indeed it is okay to wear white after Labor Day (I’m in the camp that says it’s okay if you abide by some very simple rules) what should you do to make sure it is done with class and style?

1)  If you want to wear white pants after Labor Day, put away your linen and capri pants.  Linen is a hot weather fabric and capri pants are obviously suited for warm weather.  These shouldn’t be worn in cold weather months.  Now, if you live in a state that is warm year round, make up your own rules about this.  White jeans are perfectly acceptable in winter, if you dress them appropriately.  In the picture below, she has taken her white jeans and tucked them into her boots.  Nice.  I don’t know about you, but I will probably be doing this again this fall/winter.  It looks so chic!

White jeans courtesy of tattoosandboatshoes blog.

And in this picture?  Couldn’t you just see yourself wearing these to a dressy occasion?  I can!  I used to own a pair of pants like this and got rid of them when they were worn out.  A pair of these in a soft creamy off-white will probably be added to my wish list for this fall/winter.

Winter white pants courtesy of chictopia.com

2)  Winter white/white coat and/or blazer.  Why wouldn’t you want to wear something that matches the newly fallen snow?  White can look so fresh in the fall and winter, especially when worn on a coat.  Once again, stay away from the linen and lighter fabrics.   And while you are at it, put away your seersucker.  It’s also a warm weather fabric. Wool is a great choice for winter!  I have a cotton white trench coat with navy blue trim that I wear all fall and I get tons of compliments.  You have been fully warned though, a white coat or jacket takes a lot more cleaning upkeep than other colors.  Please don’t wear a dirty white coat or jacket.  Yuck!  No explanation needed, I hope.

In the photo below, Kate Beckinsdale is wearing an exquisite white coat.  You are lying if you say you don’t want this coat.  Look how beautifully it fits her.  Like. A. Glove.

Kate Beckinsdale in white coat. Courtesy of InStyle.

Below is a white trench coat from Target.  Right now, it’s on sale for $24.98.  Hurry, hurry, hurry and snatch yours before its gone!

White trench coat courtesy of Target – $24.98

White ruffle jacket from White House Black Market.  How cute is this?

White ruffle jacket courtesy of White House Black Market – $138

And don’t forget the white tuxedo jacket I wrote about last week.

Tuxedo jacket Courtesy of Forever 21

3)  White shoes:  Now, I am assuming you are not wearing white nurse shoes unless you are well, a nurse.  Why not try some white boots?  The picture below is a Frye boot that I’ve always heard is great to own.  I’ve never had them so I don’t know, but many people swear by them.

Frye boots in white courtesy of Endless.com – $348

I will end with this:  Please don’t be silly and think you can’t wear a white button up, white tee shirts, or other white tops.  You can.  But, like I said above, make sure the fabric is suitable for the season.  And this doesn’t just go for white, it goes for every color in the spectrum.  You should be dressing in the proper fabric for any season.  Just be logical about the fabric, and you should be fine!

2 thoughts on “white out

  1. Well, I believe it’s Mother’s Day when it was acceptable to start wearing white again. I was only aware of white shoes and maybe white summer pants or shorts. Blouses, sweaters, etc wasn’t a part of the rule as I knew it. Maybe the reason for “Winter White” is to get around the white rule.

    • I’ve had some questions about white things in general lately, so thought I would cover them all! I’m glad we are able to throw some of these rules out the window, though. You are probably right about winter white!

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