trends you can fall for Part II

Here it is!  The second part of my fall trends list.  If you missed part one, read it right here!

1)  Peplum.  Whatum, you might be saying?!?  Peplum!  It’s all over the place.  I was looking at some old photos the other day on Pinterest and this is one of those trends that has had several go rounds in fashion history.  But, let’s move on to modern day peplum.

The Duchess in peplum.  See how her jacket flares out at the bottom?  That’s peplum.  This is a pretty tame version and I think it’s easy for a lot of people to pull off.

Duchess of Cambridge in peplum, courtesy of stirredtoinspire.

Now, Emma Stone’s version is a bit more out there.  Her peplum skirt is probably a little more daring than a lot of people would try but she still looks cute.  Would you wear this?

Emma Stone extreme peplum, courtesy of Nickelodeon

Looking to buy some peplum of your own?  This dress below is similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s above.  It comes in three colors:  cobalt, navy, and pink.

Navy peplum dress from – $64.71. Click photo to go to web site.

This cobalt peplum skirt below is a little bit on the more daring side, like Emma Stone above.

Cobolt peplum skirt – $79 at Click on photo to go to

2)  “Let’s Hear It For the Boy!”  Our next trend is menswear.  This trend seems to resurface every couple of years or so.  It’s a fun and easy trend to try as long as you keep it to one or two menswear pieces per outfit.

Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, is looking dapper in her three piece suit.  Remember what I wrote here about three piece suits?  Well, it works for women too!  I love everything about this look.  The color of the suit, the way it fits her, and the way she wears it.  It’s not wearing her at all, if you know what I mean.  But most importantly, I love how she softens the look with her red feminine heels.  If she had worn high heel loafers, it would have been too much.  We’ll talk about loafers a little later.

Victoria Beckam in three piece suit. Courtesy of

Another version of the three piece suit.

Tweed three piece suit

Driver’s Caps.  These are super cute.  I love them.  A couple of years ago, I bought four of them in various colors and they are so much fun.  Try them this fall and tell me how many compliments you get…  Click on the photo below to view some examples of how you can wear them.

Driver’s caps courtesy of

Oxfords.  High heel, low heel, whatever kind of heel, get yourself a pair of oxfords this season!  I found a gorgeous pair of perfectly in shape vintage Salvatore Ferragamo oxford heels in a thrift store a few weeks ago.  Compare the shoes in the photo below.  The shoes on the left are a pair my husband bought me last Christmas.  The shoes on the right are the vintage pair (whoever owned these before me kept them in perfect condition.  They have to be at least from the 40s or 50s, I think.)  Why am I showing you this?  Well, because they are both really cute and because this is pure PROOF that trends come back around!

High heel loafers

These look a lot like my vintage pair:

Brown suede oxford – Nordstrom – $114.95. Click on photo to go to web site.

Loafers are another option in menswear.  Read above about needing a pair of oxfords and apply it to loafers.  I own a pair of Michael Kors oxford flats in suede, similar to this first pair below.  I love them.  I did not pay that much, though….I found them for super cheap at TJ Maxx.  🙂  Try these options below:

Michael Kors loafers, – $110. Click on photo to go to web site.

Land’s End Navy Loafer – $99, comes in many colors. Click photo to go to web site.

3)  Military Inspired jackets are all over the place this year.  I own a couple of cute jackets with military inspired buttons (see, everything comes back around eventually!).  So here are some options for you as well.

Military inspired coat by Kenneth Cole – $178. Click on photo to go to web site.

Forever 21 military inspired jacket – $24.50. Click on photo to go to web site.

Any fall trends you want to know about?  Tell me about it!  Email me at, visit my Facebook page and leave me a note or comment below.

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