A while back when I started rethinking my own style, I had a few people in mind who I really wanted to emulate (And they pretty much all consisted of celebrities.  Let’s be honest, they have the most photos available to us at any moment we wish).  My main problem was, I didn’t have the income these people had to dress so sharply.  Eventually, once I had a better income, I was able to build up my wardrobe smartly.  I have always loved the classic style (you’ve heard that from me before) and felt it fit me best.  There are other styles I like as well and a lot of the photos I pin on Pinterest display various styles I like.

This post is all about several of my style muses.  I have many more, so this is not an easy-does-it list.

1)  Jennifer Aniston.  Pretty much a given.  She rarely gets it wrong.  Sure, some say she plays it safe, but that’s okay.  Some days I play it safe too.

Jennifer Aniston Courtesy of PeopleStyleWatch

Jennifer Aniston Courtesy of PeopleStyleWatch

2)  Rachel Bilson.  I’ve loved her since she played Summer on The O.C.  Sure, she was a little snot, but I still thought her character had depth.  The best thing about Rachel is that she is my size in height and proportion so her outfits seem to fit me about the same.  If you are looking for something from her that is a bit edgier, search her on Pinterest.

Rachel Bilson Courtesy of PeopleStyleWatch

Rachel Bilson Courtesy of Instyle

3)  The Duchess of Cambridge.  Really, are you surprised?  I’ve mentioned her several times on my blog already.  Never one to disappoint, she keeps is ultimately classy all the way.  Granted, she has to keep it real with her role and all, but she carries it well.  I read recently that Prince Charles spent $50,000 the first year on her wardrobe alone.  In my estimate, by the things she wears, I’d double that amount.  Of course I’m not accounting for pounds vs. dollars.  I do have to give her props for the repeat.  She does it well.  She catches some flack for it, but I think it helps the “commoners” relate to her better.  Is that her intent?  I don’t know.  Her family was not born rich, they made themselves.  So maybe it stays with her.  She doesn’t call me to talk about these things.

Duchess in black dress, Courtesy of InStyle

Duchess in navy and peach, courtesy of People Magazine

4)  Rose Byrne.  Have you seen her on Damages?  No?  Do that as soon as possible.  The show is amazing.  Okay, back to the subject.  Ms. Rose is always dressed up.  Rarely do you see her dressed casually in photos.  She hardly ever gets is wrong either.

Rose Byrne courtesy of InStyle

Rose Byrne courtesy of PeopleStyleWatch

5)  Olivia Palermo.  Who you might say?  Exactly.  I don’t really know why she’s famous and I don’t care.  I like her style.  So what.

Olivia Palermo courtesy of PeopleStyleWatch

Olivia Palermo fashion shoot, opticphoto.

That’s my short list.  There are a few more I like but we can save that for another time.  Is there anyone you are drawn to style-wise?

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