Four Way Friday Part I

Welcome to a new post just for you dear readers!  A couple of you have asked if you could get some examples of how to style one piece multiple ways.  Now I’m bringing you a specific request from a reader!  This will begin a series I will call “Four Way Friday.”  Each Friday you will get to read a new installment about how to style one piece at least four ways, in four categories:  Work, Evening After Work, Casual Weekend, Dress Weekend.

Dear Lessons In Style:

I have a tweed jacket hanging in my closet that has been there for years.  I know how to wear it with brown pants and a cream top but I really want a way to jazz it up this fall and winter.  Any ideas?  I’ve sent you a picture of the jacket so you can get a better idea.  I’d love to know multiple ways such as for work, how to transform it from work to dinner, and for the weekend.  


Don’t Want to Look Like a Mud Puddle In My Tweed Jacket Any Longer

“Dear Mud Puddle No Longer:

I’m happy your tweed jacket is a classic cut.  You’ve scored some points there.  Take a look at what I have to show you below!

Here are four ideas for you!”

1)   Tweed blazer for work.

Outfit combo 1:  Tweed blazer, white button up, blue sweater, burgundy pants, burgundy or camel shoes.  Outfit combo 2:  Tweed blazer, white button up, gray sweater, burgundy pants, gray or navy blue shoes.  Outfit combo 3:  Tweed blazer, white shirt, burgundy sweater, gray pants, burgundy or gray shoes.  Outfit combo 4:  Tweed blazer, white shirt, gray or burgundy sweater, blue pants, any shoe.

There are many other possibilities.  You could choose to leave the white shirt out.  Or, you could leave the sweater out and use only the white shirt.  As you can see, the color palette is extremely similar for all three mix up pieces.  But, you can change them up into several outfit combos.  Adding jewelry such as simple gold earrings or a nice gold watch will also  make a nice touch.

Tweed work.

2)  Tweed After Work.

You have three different pant options shown here below; black, blue jean, and burgundy.  The key to dressing it up for after work is adding a silkier top or sequins and a party shoe.  You can also add other jewelry as you feel necessary.

Tweed after work.

3)  Tweed Dressy Weekend.

You have four different dress options seen below here.  In reality, you have some other possibilities that aren’t shown here.  You can add a black, camel, or a teal dress to the mix if you want as well.  Here is what I have to show you, though.

Tweed dressy weekend.

4)  Tweed casual weekend.  In all reality, you have a virtual endless amount of possibilities for a casual weekend look with the tweed blazer.  You’ll see some below here.

Tweed casual weekend.

Do you own a tweed blazer?  Is there any certain way you would style a tweed blazer?

6 thoughts on “Four Way Friday Part I

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