Saturday is the first day of fall!  My favorite season.  I was born in a fall month, I got married in the fall, my mums are blooming, and it’s my favorite time of year for style!  I think it’s the easiest time of year to dress, too.  So many ways to add a layer for the chillier mornings, take away a layer for the warmer afternoons.

A lot of changes are in the air and in the way we dress for the cooler weather.  Tomorrow is Four Way Friday but today I’m going to talk a little about how to transition your spring and summer dresses into these cooler months.  It’s really very simple to extend the use of your clothes by re-purposing them through the seasons.  Just be sure you are conscious of fabric.  You really should steer clear of linen, seersucker, or other lighter fabrics in colder months.

1)  Polka dots are still going strong into the fall and winter.  Don’t put away that summer dress just yet!  You can add a corduroy blazer, scarf, tights, and boots to keep you warm.

2)  Toughen up a sugar sweet pink dress by adding a black leather jacket, tights, and booties.  Let the leather jacket be your main accessory, add simple jewelry to complete the look.

3)  Monochrome, not monotone.  Dressing in one color does NOT boring make.  All gray can be very chic.  Just add a colorful blazer and a pink accessory and you are good to go!

4)  A chambray or jean dress can really be useful any of the four seasons.  Add some interest with an animal print purse and fun gold jewelry.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Four Way Friday, where I’ll talk about how to style jeans!

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