in the trenches

What’s one thing you can own that will elevate any outfit you have on?  A trench coat.  Not only will you look smart wearing one, it will protect you from the in-between elements of summer fading into fall and fall fading into winter.  You know, those days in the early fall when it’s cool in the morning but warm in the afternoon.  Or those rainy days when there’s a damp chill in the air.  One of the things that I really like about trench coats is that they seem to be a little more forgiving if I want to cover up over a blazer or jacket.  Another thing I love is they come in a variety of interesting styles and colors.  I own some trench coats, more than I care to share here.  But I like having the ability to switch it up depending on my mood or what I’m doing that day.  And another thing, they are great to wear casually or dressy.

The trench coat recently made InStyle’s list of 50 style tips of all time.  No doubt.  But don’t just take their word for it.  Looky.

The Classic Trench

What’s good about the classic trench?  It’s timeless.  You don’t have to worry if it goes with everything you own, it does.  If you err on the side of caution in style, you won’t be making any mistakes here.  Double-breasted, single-breasted, whatever.  Either one works.

The coat in the photo below is a Burberry.  If you’ve got the greens to delve into this world of trenches, by all means, go right ahead.  However, I’ve provided some other options below this photo.

The Classic Trench.

More affordable classic versions (click on photo to go to web site):

Express:  Comes in three colors; camel, navy, and tan.  I dare you to buy one in navy!

Express Classic Trench Coat. $98

Target:  Now on sale!  Was $49.99.  Comes in four colors:  Black, Lily White, Oyster, and Yellow Rose.

Target Classic Trench Coat. $24.98

The Classic Trench With A Twist

Ready to punch things up a little?  Consider a trench with a skirt hem, contrasting piping, fun leopard print or any pattern for that matter, or a bright color!

ROMWE!  Fun, fun coat.  I have a navy trench coat with a pleated skirt hem very similar to this.  I love it!

ROMWE Skirt Hem Trench Coat – $65.99

MANGO classic coat with black piping.  This coat is so chic!  It also comes in black with tan piping.

MANGO Contrast Piping Trench – $79.99

Target Leopard Print Trench.  This one does double duty – it’s cute and water repellent!

Target Leopard Print Trench – $49.99

Isaac Mizrahi via QVC.  This comes in three fun colors: Kelly Green, Bright Azalea, Bright Carrot and it’s on clearance.  Which one will you get?

Isaac Mizrahi Trench – $59.92

Here are some outfit ideas for you and your trench.

Will you be purchasing a trench coat this year?

If you are brave and super crafty, consider this DIY trench project from Jessica of What I Wore.  I have the supplies, I’m going to try this!  DIY Contrast Trip Trench Coat

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