style inspiration for men – Ryan Reynolds

We should take all the help we can get.  Yes men, even you!  Ryan Reynolds is a great style icon for men.  And he just married Blake Lively, so, I’m gonna say his style is NOT going to fade as long as she’s around, little fashionista that she is.

1)  I mean, really?  He couldn’t be more on top of it here.  I’m digging the monochrome feel of his outfit, with a little pop of color in the tie.  You could add virtually any color tie with this jacket, or even switch it up with a gray, navy blue, or black sweater.  Great to wear to work.  This photo proves the point that a tailor is essential, not an option.  Look how perfectly this jacket fits him.  Rarely does this kind of fit happen right off the rack.  Get your jacket to a tailor if it’s not right for you.  An ill-fitting suit does no one any favors.

Ryan Reynolds beige

2)  Although a little scruffy, Ryan is embracing the stripes trend here.  Like it.  It’s not a full length photo, but I imagine he is wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and black, brown, or grey shoes!  Good casual date look.

Ryan Reynolds stripes

3)  He does this well.  Perfect for running errands on a cool weekend.

Ryan Reynolds Pea Coat

4)  I talked about Ryan Gosling’s style here, and mentioned the three piece suit.  I had to add another example.  Ryan adds a casual shirt here, which keeps it on a low-key level.  What a fun dressy date night look!

Ryan Reynolds 3 piece

From my studying up on this man’s style, it’s obvious he sticks with neutral tones in gray, beige, brown, and black.  It’s anything but boring, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s it!  Keep your eye out for Four Way Friday tomorrow!

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