you, you, you!

  I read a lot of fashion and style magazines, blogs, and web sites.  One thing I always say to myself is, “I wish a lot more of this were geared toward every day people.”  Let’s be honest, it’s simply not realistic to think that a majority of us can afford to buy the clothes worn by celebrities or what is featured in magazines.  Nor is it realistic for most of us to wear anything over a 3 inch heel to work.  But that is what you see a lot of the time.  I’ve been reading style blogs for about two years now and from the comments I see, it seems like people out there are looking in and yearning for ideas for us “normal people.”  You don’t want to see bloggers spouting on and on about the $1,500 Chanel purse they just bought (Or do you?).  Who has the expendable income to buy that?  Not us “normal people.”  No, we shop at Target, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Forever 21, etc.  We live for a sale.  We mix it up.  Sure, I like a pair of Tory Burch shoes just like anyone.  But I’m not interested in seeing “normal people” draped in designer.  I’m interested in seeing how things work together in an original way.  So instead of buying a Chanel purse, I have a purse inspired by Chanel.  Instead of wearing an entire outfit of Tory Burch, I wear my navy blue flats (which I got for a heck of a steal on eBay, by the way) with my Old Navy sweater.  And that’s okay with me.

  Being on the outside of a blog and looking in can make you feel like you aren’t part of the cool group.  There’s no way you can compete with all the clothes they have.  So how could you possibly look as good as her in any of these outfits?  I don’t want to make my readers feel that way, ever.  I want to help you.  So, I’m asking you:  TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE.  I’m an open book here.  And if I don’t know the answer, we will find it!

  I thought for a while that I needed to start posting photos of myself in outfits, but then I started thinking, what is my goal for Lessons In Style?  And the answer I came up with is “This blog isn’t about me.  It’s about my readers and anyone who wants to improve their personal style.”  Will I ever grace you with my presence in photos on Lessons In Style?  Maybe.  But right now that’s not my purpose.  Although if you said that’s what you wanted to see, I’d have to think twice about it.  But please don’t say that.  Haha.  I’m kidding.  No I’m not.  Yes I am.

Leave me a comment below with what you really want to see.  And remember, this is all about YOU!  And by the way, if you don’t understand my blog post title, look here:   I don’t want Lessons In Style to be me-centric.  And I’m sorry if you love her.  Family Guy makes fun of everyone.  And I love it because, hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, someone else will!

2 thoughts on “you, you, you!

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m learning a lot about basic design and have more confidence mixing up my outfits thanks to your blogs. At the same time, I would like you devote some focus to “age-appropriate” styles. My goal: to be “timeless” with style. Thanks.

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