in case you are pinterested – Part I

Are you obsessed with Pinterest?  I am.  I have to say that unlike the recipes on Pinterest that promise to be “the BEST mac and cheese ever, without the cheese!” or “no bake cookies that use no sugar,” looking for outfit inspirations (like I mostly do) is a lot different.  For one, unlike a new recipe, you can see what you are getting yourself into.  Imagine the disappointment when trying a new recipe and it tastes like total you know what.  But if you try an outfit and you don’t like it, you just change!  No wasted food down the drain.

You want to see some of my favorite Pinterest fall inspiration outfits from last week?  I thought so.  And Oh!  Follow my Pinterest style board.  You won’t be sorry!

1)  She looks purty in this mix of beige and brown.

Shades of beige and brown

2)  Oh Gwyneth.  If only you had all the money in the world and a rock star husband and the ability to sit around and write for your blog all the time.  And you dress nice.  But I like you anyway….  I’m digging how you mix all the grey.  Looks good.  But you knew that.

Gwyneth Paltrow in grey

3)  Girl in the green skirt.  I just like how she’s wearing tights.  I’m ready for my tights again.  I bought some new ones this weekend at Macy’s.  Hue brand.  Have you tried them?  I think they will work well for me this season.  Plus, I got a pair in houndstooth pattern.  Um, yes!  And right now Hue tights are on sale 2 for $22!  Shop tights.

Girl in green skirt.

4)  Mad for Plaid.  So cute.  No words needed.


5)  Working the chambray.  Remember how I talked about how to style chambray here?  This girl is doing it just right.

Chambray and dressy skirt.

6)  What a great weekend look!

Checkered shirt and oxfords.

7)  So these aren’t an outfit but I want them anyway.

I’ll take each color please. Thanks.

Holy! I want these Ralph Lauren boots.

Don’t forget to check back in with me in a couple of days for Four Way Friday!!

4 thoughts on “in case you are pinterested – Part I

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