in case you are pinterested Part III

My favorite Pinterest style outfits from the week.

1)  I. Love. This. Outfit.  The Chambray. The belt. The boots.  The tights.  All of it.  I mean, it’s super simple and something I’ve worn before but it’s nice to see it shown on someone else.

Chambray Dress

2)  I wore something similar this week (minus the big flower and plus brown, knee high boots) and I loved it!  Don’t be afraid to mix up an inspiration outfit to fit what you have in your own closet!

Gray skirt outfit

3)  Yikes.  I love this.  I don’t have a yellow necklace, but I do have a turquoise one exactly like it and would sub it for the yellow.  This is fantastic!

Purple cardigan and leopard shoes.

4)  I really like this combo.  It looks comfy and something I would wear on the weekends with jeans or black casual pants.

Chambray and sweater

5)  Target is revealing its Neiman Marcus collection on December 1.  This blazer is by Thom Browne from that collection.  I really want.

Thom Browne b

Thom Browne blazer – Target December 1, 2012

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3 thoughts on “in case you are pinterested Part III

  1. I LOVE that first outfit. Mostly because it’s pretty much what I’m wearing to work today – minus the chambray, but my light grey shirt dress totally has the same vibe. Today I rocked it with leggings and comfy boots because the weather is so icky outside.

    Like you said, nice to have what I already know is good fashion sense validated by seeing it on someone else who always looks amazing!

  2. I own three dresses like this, two in chambray (I already had one but found a J. Crew version I loved a lot better for a super discount price at a resale shop – and it had never been worn – tags still on it! So, I couldn’t refuse) and one in a navy/purple-ish color, also from J. Crew. Overkill? Maybe. But I like these dresses because they can be worn in any season as long as they are styled appropriately for that season!

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