in case you are pinterested Part IV

Here are my favorite Pinterest posts of the week!

I get a huge amount of my outfit ideas from Pinterest – some I follow like an exact recipe, others I take and add my own ingredients or leave things out!  It’s all about what you can take from it.  Don’t have that exact color of something?  Consider substituting another item.  Use your imagination.

1)  For example, I really like this outfit combo.  I don’t have a green corduroy skirt, but I do have a brown one.  I also have a navy blue sweater and a green sweater.  So, I would wear the brown skirt, blue or green sweater, and possibly a green button up under the blue sweater or blue button up under the green sweater.  I also like how she uses  gray tights.

Corduroy skirt

2)  Love how she uses leopard print as a neutral here and pairs it with purple.  I’ll be trying this soon!

Purple sweater leopard print

3)  Equestrian chic.  What a great look and so easy to pull together.  I have all these items, so I will be wearing this soon!


4)  J. Crew gets it right a lot of the time.  Prime example below.  They put orange on orange on orange.  Don’t have all this orange?  Use a color you do have.  Black is a color a lot of us own and would look just as good, but if you do have some colors in the same family, be adventurous!

Orange on orange on orange

5)  If you are short like me and you can’t wait to wear those new skinny pants without first getting them hemmed, you sometimes cuff them at the bottom.  It never occurred to me to cuff them inside instead of out.  I like how Olivia Palermo cuffed her pants inside!

Olivia Palermo inside cuff

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Tomorrow is Four Way Friday!  Find out how to wear a simple black dress four ways, in four categories!

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