I’ve had several questions about one particular photo from my blog post in case you are pinterested Part I.  This girl is causing some serious traffic on my blog and that’s just fine by me!  Most of the questions are about where to get the pieces she is wearing in the photo.  Unfortunately, I don’t know where the photo originally came from so I don’t have the exact answer to those questions.  But, I did some research and came up with some good options for you.

Here is the photo:


And here are the pieces I found for  you:

1)  Pants.  I’ve been searching for a tan/beige pair of corduroy skinny pants for a long time.  I finally found them online at Macy’s and ordered them immediately.  I ordered the petite (they have a 29 inch inseam, I’m 5 foot).  The petite pants are on sale right now and Macy’s has a 20% off promotion going as well.  I ordered the Dove color; I’m pretty sure these are the exact same pants she has on in the photo.  These pants are a soft corduroy and they are stretchy, but not too stretchy so they hold their shape. They are very comfortable and even though they are jeggings, to me they fit like soft jeans.

To order in Petite click here.  To order in Regular click here.

2)  Sweater.

To order at the Loft click here.  To order at New York and Company click here.

3)  Scarf.

To order at Banana Republic click here.  To order at Last Call click here.

4)  Boots.  There are too many option out there for me to list them all here.  But follow this link to go to Amazon’s brown boot page.

UPDATE:  I found the exact boots she is wearing in the photo.  They are from Zara.  Click here to buy.

5)  Handbag.  Once again, too many options.  Follow this link to go to Amazon’s brown handbag page.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or if you had success in your search!

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