Four Way Friday Part VIII

Let’s get right into it!  Friday is in full swing and I’m trying to play catch up from the past week.  Your latest edition of Four Way Friday is here.  Don’t know about it yet?  On Four Way Friday I take one piece and show you how to style it four ways in four categories.

There is no reader question this week so I decided to style some beige corduroy skinny pants.  I personally love corduroy, but some may not.  For example, last night I was watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon told his assistant her corduroy pants were too loud.  To quote her talking to Raj and Howard, “All I know is corduroy makes too much noise, and I have to go find quieter pants.”  I thought it was funny since I was sitting right then and there working on my corduroy outfits.

So let’s get started.  Corduroy is all over the place for the fall and winter season.  J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and many others are offering up some corduroy pants in various styles and colors.

1)  Corduroy At Work

Corduroy At Work

2)  Corduroy After Work.  If you need to add a little extra spice to your work outfit because you are headed out for drinks or dinner, just add a leather jacket, statement necklace, or clutch.

Corduroy After Work

3)  Corduroy Casual Weekend.  It’s fairly easy to dress corduroy down for the weekend without looking sloppy.

Corduroy Casual Weekend

4)  Corduroy Dressy Weekend.  I doubt anyone reaches for their favorite pair of corduroys when they want to dress up for the weekend.  But why not?  By adding some sequins, heels, or leather, how could you go wrong?

Corduroy Dressy Weekend

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