Four Way Friday Part X

Ever wonder how to dress up that simple black skirt you’ve got in your closet?  There are so many ways to change up this wardrobe staple.  In this installment of Four Way Friday, I’ll show you how to remix a black skirt four ways, in four categories.  Just make sure this skirt hits you right above the knee, no more than three inches, so that it will be appropriate for work or play.  Also make sure you choose a skirt that you can easily move in, you don’t want to be uncomfortable since you will be wearing it so many different ways!

1)  Black Skirt Work

Black Skirt Work

Black Skirt Work

2)  Black Skirt After Work

Going out after work?  Just add a cute clutch or change up your shoes.

Black Skirt After Work

Black Skirt After Work

3)  Black Skirt Casual-Ish Weekend

These would be cute outfits for a fun weekend date or low-key event.

Black Skirt Casual-Ish Weekend

Black Skirt Casual-Ish Weekend

4)  Black Skirt Dressy Weekend

Date night, dinner and drinks with friends, or a Broadway play, these outfits have you all ready to go!

Black Skirt Dressy Weekend

Black Skirt Dressy Weekend

Have a great weekend!  Let me know if you try any of these looks!

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