hello, lover

It’s safe to say Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City was obsessed with shoes.  The episode where she talks to the shoes through the window saying “Hello lover” is quoted a lot.  That’s because shoes are an important part of any outfit.  They can make it or break it and can also set the tone for what and how you do things.  Wear the wrong shoes, and you are pretty limited.  With the right shoe for the occasion, though, you are good to go.  Just changing your shoe is also a good thing to think about when going on vacation.  Sight seeing during the day?  Wear a simple ballet flat or classic tennis shoe.  Dinner or drinks at night?  Add a strappy, sexy heel or wedge and a leather jacket.

Here are eight ways to change up one outfit by simply changing your shoe.

1)  Classic Shoe

Any color ballet flat will work for the classic look.

Classic shoe

2)  Casual Shoe

A driving shoe is great for this look, any color will do.

Casual Shoe

3)  Beachy Shoe

You will want a flat heeled sandal for this look.  Flip flops won’t do unless you have invested in a nice leather pair.  Bonus points for a fun color.

Beachy Shoe

4)  Sexy Shoe

Really, any color will do.  Just keep it strappy for that sexy, but carefree look.

Sexy shoe

5)  Polished Shoe

A closed toe shoe will work best for this look.  A small peep toe would also work.

Polished shoe

6)  Equestrian Shoe

Can’t go to wrong here.  Any leather boot will work.

Equestrain Shoe

7)  Chic Shoe

A wedge heel works best for this look.  One of Duchess Kate’s favorite shoe-go-to.

Chic shoe

8)  Sporty shoe

No clunky tennis shoes here.  Keep them in the classic style.  Colors other than white are fun.

Sporty shoe

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