“the boys” of spring


I wish everyone could visit my absolute favorite store ever.  A store where you can’t help but smile when you walk in and out, that’s how great it is!  But, I know not everyone lives in my city, state, or country for that matter.  This video below features one of my great friends Jeremy, part owner of a beautiful home decor shop in Lexington, Kentucky called simply, “house”.  The boys” as they refer to themselves, seriously know their stuff.  They offer inexpensive silk flower arrangements, floral design for weddings and other events, home decor, affordable and fun gifts, and so much more!  In this video Jeremy shows you how to make an easy, but pretty, spring flower bouquet for your dining room table, coffee table, kitchen counter, fireplace mantel, you name it!  There really is no place like house.

Click here to visit “house” on their web site.

Click here find “house” on Facebook.

Click here to follow “house” on Pinterest.

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