shoe remix

There have been some big changes in the past few months; an out of state move, selling a house, starting a new job – so that’s why I’ve been so absent!  Many of you have asked when I’m coming back and I’m now slowly working my way back to regular blog posts.  Thanks for hanging in there and for giving me a reason to keep blogging in the first place!

I didn’t get to a Four Way Friday post yesterday like I really wanted to…  The other day, though, I started thinking about travelling outfits and how much easier it is to pack for a trip when you only bring one or two pair of shoes.  So my outfits for you today reflect the idea of how you can pack lighter (I really need to take my own advice here by the way) by only bringing one pair of shoes but how you can get four outfits out of that one pair.  If the shoes in the photos don’t work for you, that’s okay.  Just replace the shoe I’ve used for what you do have or what your mood reflects for that trip.  I hope you get a general idea though!  And even if you aren’t travelling, hopefully this will help you see how you can remix shoes for everyday life too.

Shoe remix 1

Shoe 2

Shoe 3

2 thoughts on “shoe remix

  1. Thank you for the examples, Julie. I generally end up taking at least 3 pairs of shoes for even the smallest trip – shoes for walking, heels for business, and shoes for kicking around. A stylish yet comfortable flat should be sufficient for both lounging and walking. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your new job and residence.

    • Hi Robynn! Yes, you should be able to get some mileage out of nice flats. I do recommend Tieks brand, and although they do run on the high end price scale, they are worth the investment. I bought some this summer and have gotten so much wear out of them. I think they will last for many years. They took a little breaking in, maybe three or four wears, but now they are perfect. They come in many colors too! Just a suggestion in case you are looking for some in the future!

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