trending now…Fall style

Each season has its trends, but I have to say this fall has some of my favorites I’ve ever seen in one season – moto jackets, leather trim, flannel, sequins, monochromatic, just to name a few.  The thing that’s great about these trends is that they have been around for ages but can look new and fresh when added with classic and simple pieces.  

1.  Moto jacket

Probably one of the easiest ways to dress up a simple outfit but to also give it some edge.  You can pair it with just about anything, a sweater and corduroys or with a floral dress to take some of the sweetness out.

Moto jacket

2.  Sequins and flannel

Not to always be reserved for late nights or holidays, sequins are all over t-shirts this season.  And flannel is having a serious moment – the best way to wear it is in a fitted top, not loose and baggy.  Pair a sequin top with a flannel shirt and a skirt to dress it up or dress it down with flannel and jeans.  Either way, you make a big statement!

Sequin top

3.  Monochromatic

Not boring at all, dressing in all one color or color family can be so chic!  Black is the easiest go to, but I love an all grey, beige, or green outfit.


4.  Leather trim

From pants and leggings, to purses and tops, leather trim, whether faux or real, is ALL over the place right now.  To keep it looking clean, pair it with simple and classic items, like these leather trim pants and cream turtleneck below.

Leather trim pants

Do you have any favorite looks/trends this season?

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