it’s been a while

So yes, it has, been a while. As I probably mentioned in my last post in late 2013, I started a new job last year and moved to a new city (back to my hometown, but still…). And yes, while I love my new job, it has been demanding and caused me to back off the whole blog thing for a while. But rest assured I still love the blog world and am slowly dipping my feet back into that realm. While summer has decided to make a (late) appearance, it’s definitely hard to think about dressing for fall. The time to start planning for that is now, though.

Also for the remainder of this year I really want to focus on remixing pieces I already have into everyday use. I’m not really in the mood to buy anything new and hope I can find some renewed inspiration in my closet!

Trends I’m noticing for this fall that I’ll touch on in the next few weeks:

1. Menswear

2. Pattern mixing

3. Simplicity

4. Casual Chic

5. Dressing up smarter

6. Mixing casual and dressy

I’ll address these things in a future post. But for now I just wanted to say hello again and hope you haven’t given up on your own Lessons IN Style!