About Lessons In Style

In my quest to to find my own style, I realized that I do not have just one type of style.  Sure, I veer toward more classic pieces.  But, I find that I can sport several kinds of styles without putting myself into one category.  I can appreciate a certain trend if it’s done tastefully and I know what doesn’t work for me.  I think finding your own style is a personal journey that does not happen overnight.  Very rarely does style come naturally, I think a majority of people have to learn and teach themselves what works best for them.  My goal is not to drone on and on about what’s “in or out” but instead to help myself and my readers find out what works for them.  I will try to offer as many examples of clothing choices as possible.   Just because I do or don’t like something doesn’t mean it will/won’t work for you.  For example, the high-low hemline was HUGE this spring and summer.  I just didn’t care for it.  When I tried it in the store, it made me look five inches shorter (trust me, I need all the height help I can get).  So, just because I don’t care for it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it!  I will try to be objective on my blog.  My goal is not to tear people apart for what they are wearing, either.  If that is what you are looking for, I can recommend several blogs that cater to just that.  Everyone makes mistakes in style.  Hopefully you learn from them.  I will naturally write more about what I like, but I will try to be up-to-date on what is going on out there for real people!

Questions about what you’ve seen on Lessons In Style?  Need help with an outfit?  General style questions?  Let me know!



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