on target – jewelry and shoes

The other day, I showed you dresses available at Target right now — all under $50.  Today I’m bringing you jewelry and shoes available at Target right now — all under $40.

Once again, having a hard time picking favorites, but I personally bought 1, 2, and 4 from the jewelry and 2 (in nude) and 3 (in leopard print) from the shoes.  The jewelry is great – the bracelets are a lot of fun and are really cute in person and the necklace is something I’ve been trying to find for a while.  I don’t have the shoes yet so we will see if they fit.  I’ll let you know.  So many great options!

Have you bought any of these things recently?


1.  Giraffe Stretch Cuff Bracelet Yellow – $12.99

2.  Zebra Stretch Cuff Bracelet Black/White – $12.99

3.  Three Rows Drop Bracelet Green/Blue – $16.99

4.  Three Rows Drop Bracelet White/Gold – $16.99

5.  Gold Pendant Tassle Long Necklace – $12.99

6.  Pear Agate Pendant Necklace Coral – $29.99

7.  Fuchsia Gold Enamel Screw Bangle – $14.99

8.  Flower Pearl Bracelet Green/Gold/White – $12.99


1.  Women’s Merona Ellie Genuine Leather Cap Toe Flat With Buckle – Cream/Black – $39.99

2.  Women’s Merona Edda Zip Back Low Wedge Sandal – Assorted Colors – $22.99

3.  Women’s Merona Etha Cork Low Wedge Sandal – Assorted Colors – $19.99

Four Way Friday Part IV

It happens every week – Friday!  The most recent installment of Four Way Friday is here.  This week it is all about the black knee-high boot.  Check out this question I received earlier this week from a weary reader:

Dear Lessons In Style:

I really want to invest in a pair of black knee-high boots for fall and winter.  There are so many options out there and I’m overwhelmed.  And I want something classic.  I don’t think I can pull off the over the knee look but I’m running into a lot of those boots at the stores and online.  Please help!


Lost In A Sea Of Boots

Dear Lost At Sea No More:

First of all, if you want something classic, the over the knee boot look is not what you need (ahem, no Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman here).  Unless you are a runway supermodel (Hey!  You could be, I don’t know who all my readers are!) it’s a hard look to pull off and I don’t recommend going there.  If you are looking for a clean, classic look, stick with a simple boot in leather or suede and a 3 inch or below heel.  You will be most comfortable in these as they will allow you to wear them to work and play.  If you want a more casual look, you can also go for a flat equestrian style.  Oh!  And don’t forget to treat your boots with a leather or suede protector.  This is important to lengthen the life of your new investment.  I recommend Kiwi Super Protector.

Now!  Let’s look at some ways you can style your new boots.  Because after all, that’s what Four Way Friday is all about, right?  I take one piece and show you how to style it at least four ways, in four categories:  Casual Work, Evening After Work, Casual Weekend, Dressy Weekend.

1)  Black Knee-High Boot Casual-ish Work

You can easily substitute a flat boot for any of these looks.  Keep in mind that a flat boot is generally more casual, so if you are looking for a dressier outfit for work, you will want to stick with the higher heel.  Remember, keep it three inches or below!  It’s hard to be taken seriously in a heel you can hardly walk in.

Black Knee-High Boots For Work

2)  Black Knee-High Boots After Work

If you are going out after work but you don’t want to change your entire outfit, just bring one piece like a leather jacket or a statement necklace with you to switch up.  Here you will see that I kept up most of the casual work outfit but only changed one or two elements.  You might want to stay away from a flat boot for a night out because like I said above, it does look more casual.

Black Knee-High Boots After Work

3)  Black Knee-High Boots Casual-ish Weekend

Admittedly these are a little dressier than my typical recommendations for a casual weekend look.  Once again, you could add a flat boot to give off a more casual vibe.

Black Knee-High Boot Casual-ish Weekend

4)  Black Knee-High Boots Dressy Weekend

This is running a close first for my favorite Four Way Friday Dressy Weekend look yet.  I really want the dress on the far right and the purse from the third outfit.  Who’s gonna buy them for me???

Black Knee-High Boot Dressy Weekend

Don’t know where to shop for your new boots?

I was a huge fan of endless.com but they were recently bought by Amazon.  Check out the new shop here:  Amazonendless

Macy’s also has a great selection this year.

And check out DSW and Zappos.

Until next Friday!  And if you missed my other Four Way Friday installments here are some quick links:

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booty call Part I

I know.  My post title is a bit misleading.  But what else could I say about a post all about boots???  Are you looking for some new boots this season?  Here is your boot guide, part I.

Have you ever been on endless.com?  Apparently, they have just been bought by Amazon, but I hope that won’t change their service.  This web site is virtual eye candy for shoes.  A friend told me about it a few years ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.  The best part about it?  You can narrow down by brand, type of shoe, color, size, price.  It’s the best overall shoe site I’ve ever seen.  I’ve bought countless pairs of shoes through Endless and a lot of the time, you can get next day shipping and free returns.  Perfect for those shoe emergencies.  So here we go; some of the best boots on Endless right now.

Basic flat heel boots.  They go with anything.  Really.  You can wear these with opaque tights and spring/summer dresses along with jackets and sweaters to get you more wear out of those off season clothes.  Or you can wear with jeans and other pants.  Such a versatile thing to own!

1)  Bandolino Women’s Coplie Riding Boot.  These come in four colors:  Black, Cognac, Dark Brown, and Black/Cognac (the black/cognac are to die for and on sale for $100!!!…).  I’ve been a fan of Bandolino shoes for a while.  I would buy these boots if I didn’t already have so many…

Bandolino Women’s Coplie Riding Boot in Black/Cognac. Click on image to go to web page.

2)  STEVEN by Steve Madden Women’s Intyce Riding Boot.  These are cute as well if you are looking for a smaller heel.  They come in four colors:  Black, Cognac, Stone, and Wine (remember my post a while back about burgundy being a popular color this season?)

STEVEN by Steve Madden Women’s Intyce Riding Boot.  Click on photo to go to web page.

3)  Annie Shoes Women’s Denver Boot.  I’ve never worn this brand.  But they are on sale, cute, and they have good reviews.  They come in five colors:  Black croc, coach antique, brown antique, brown croc, and black antique.

Annie’s black croc. Click on photo to go to web page.

4)  Lucky Women’s Aida Boot.  These have good reviews, too.  They come in some creative colors:  Tobacco, Black Sienna/Napa Calf, and Sequoia.

Lucky Women’s Aida Boot.  Click on photo to go to web page.

5)  FRYE Women’s Jillian Pull-On boots.  I’ve heard FRYE boots are the way to go.  I’ve never owned them or even tried them on.  But, if they are in your budget, here you go.   The Pioneer Woman swears by these boots.  They come in five colors:  Black, grey, spice, dark brown, and camel.

FRYE Women’s Jillian Pull-On. Click on photo to go to web page.

That’s it for Booty Call Part I.  Next time we will talk about booties!  Hee hee.

spot on

Leopard and cheetah print comes and goes through the seasons.  It’s one of those trends that never really goes away.  My advice for this “trend?”  Keep it to one item per outfit.  I’ve seen it where people try to mix a leopard or cheetah belt with shoes and/or a purse with another leopard or cheetah accessory.  In my opinion, a little goes a loooong way.  First, I’ll share some items I own, and then we’ll move on to outfit ideas that you can do with similar accessories.

1)  Coach Taffy Haircalf Heel.  I bought these on sale last fall.  I love these because with the stacked heel, they can be worn for work or play.  Dressed up or dressed down, with jeans, dressy pants, dress or a skirt, they have a ton of possibilities.

Coach Taffy Haircalf Heel

2)  White House Black Market leopard print flats.  These are from a couple of years ago.  I love these for a lot of different reasons, mainly because they are super comfortable and go with a ton of stuff when I don’t really feel like trying.  These also can be worn with jeans, dress pants, a dress, or skirt.

White House Black Market leopard print flat

3)  Ann Taylor skinny belt.  Also from a couple of years ago.  This belt has a ton of possibilities.  I love to wear this with a pastel shirt such as mint green, black pants, and a camel jacket or blazer.  It is also really cute with a plain black dress.  Here is a Tory Burch version, if you are so inclined.

Ann Taylor cheetah skinny belt.

4)  Tory Burch bracelet.  I don’t own this, but I really want to.  I really do.  Currently available here

Tory Burch cheetah bracelet.

Outfit inspirations.  How do you wear your animal print?

trends you can fall for Part I

I’ve been pouring over my style magazines looking for inspiration lately.  I mentioned what I wanted to purchase for fall in my post Yearning For Fall Part 1.  This post will clue you in to many of the fall trends heading our way.  I’ll be back with part II sometime soon!

1.  Color Blocking:  This trend just will not go away and I’m okay with that.  Color blocking varies in extremes from outfits consisting of four different bright colors to outfits of neutral and black.  Here are some examples of how you can color block.

Accessories:  I own the Ann Taylor purse shown below.  It’s a great way to add color blocking to your life without going too crazy.  Even with the color block trend this purse displays, it will always be a classic and it goes with everything.  Sorry, if you are dying to buy this purse, I purchased it last fall.  It’s no longer available.  😦  Although you might be able to catch it on ebay.

Any Taylor color block purse courtesy of pursepage.com

Another way to add color blocking is through manicures.  I’ll admit this is my least favorite way to color block because when it comes to nail color, I’m a traditionalist.  But, you may like it so here you go!

Color Block nails courtesy of Pinterest

Outfits:  Jessica of What I Wore is one of my favorite fashion bloggers.  She has a wide array of outfit ideas on her blog.  Probably not too smart to send my readers away from my blog to Jessica’s but, she’s been doing it a lot longer than me and she has a huge amount of inspiration photos.  Her outfit below is a perfect example of how you can color block and not get too crazy.  A good example of a conservative color blocking.

Jessica of What I Wore color blocking

SJP’s outfit is an example of how you can add a little more spunk to your color blocking.  People went mad over her two bright colors and white shoes.

Sarah Jessica Parker red and pink courtesy of styleedition blog

Shoes:  These examples of color blocking incorporate one more trend that is hot right now, capped toed shoes.  Do you want these shoes below?  I do.

J. Crew beige and black pumps courtesy of jcrew.com – $248

J. Crew green and navy blue ballet flats courtesy of jcrew.com – $148

2.  Pattern mixing:  This takes a little bit of practice.  You need to make sure your separates have the same color scheme going on.  This is not an excuse to just throw any old thing with any other old thing.  Once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun.

Stripes and polka dots courtesy of girlsack.com

Pattern mixing courtesy of shopbop.com

3.  Burgundy and Hunter Green:  These two colors are all over fashion magazines and stores right now.  I have a love hate relationship with these two colors.  I typically don’t care for burgundy in decorating, but I love it when it comes in a big fat wine glass.  And hunter green?  It reminds me of a color someone would paint their 80s den.  So it’s going to take a really special piece for me to want to purchase it in one of these two colors.

This piece is pretty darn special.

Ann Taylor weekender – $348

Also pretty darn special!  Now how would I wear these?  It would be wise to keep the rest of the outfit neutral.  These would look good with camel, gray, and black!

Tory Burch Watersnake Eddie Ballet Flat – $250

yearning for fall…Part I

It’s been such a long,  hot summer everywhere.  People all around me are talking about how it should be cooling off by now.  Well, when the hot weather started in April/May instead of June/July, of course we are all ready for a break!   In all reality though, we know we still have some more hot weather ahead of us.  But!  That doesn’t mean you can’t start planning what you want to wear for fall.  My Pinterest style board has been filling up with new fall inspirations that I’ve been trying to wait to wear, but in a feeble attempt, I’ve just re-purposed those looks for warmer weather clothes.  And the magazines I subscribe to are full of fall trends that are all the rage (hello burgundy and hunter green!).

These are some things on my wish list for fall:

1)  A gray Schoolboy blazer from J. Crew.  I own the navy blue Schoolboy from the Crew and I love it.  So, the gray one must make its way into my closet as well.

J. Crew Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel – $198

2)  A camel color or nude leather jacket.  I already own the perfect black leather jacket and a dark brown leather jacket.  But I really want something lighter that can be worn with everything.

Women’s camel leather jacket – Fossil – $348

3)  Nude patent leather wedges or heels.  I own a pair of Jessica Simpson nude open-toed heels but would love to have some that are close-toed.  Also, the Duchess of Cambridge has simply brought back the wedge heel.  For a while now she’s been sporting them in black, navy blue, and nude.  I own several pairs of wedge heels but would love to add nude to that collection.

Jimmy Choo Aimee Patent Platform Pump – Nude – $665 (I wish I could buy these!)

J. Crew Martina nude wedge heels – $228

Just for kicks – The Duchess sporting some Stuart Weitzman wedges!

4)  An honest to goodness cashmere sweater.  Now, in full disclosure, I do own cashmere consisting of cashmere/cotton blends, a short sleeve cashmere sweater, a couple of scarves, and a 100% cashmere sweater that was a thrift store find that might or might not be flattering to me (Yes, it happens.  You see that cashmere tag and snatch it up!)  J. Crew has some seriously fabulous cashmere for fall.  Way expensive.  Not sure they are in the budget.  😦

J. Crew Collection Cashmere Polka Dot sweater (I die!!!) – $268

What are you looking for this fall?  Stay tuned for Part II where I’ll talk about boots, boots, and more boots!