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What is the purpose of Labor Day?  Does anyone really know?  No matter (Google it if you are really dying to know).  It’s typically the last three-day weekend anyone travels before fall busyness sets in and the holidays roll around the corner (let’s not even go there yet…scary).  One of the questions I received from a friend recently was about what to wear while travelling.  What a great question because this area can be super tricky.  Do you suffer with what to wear on a road trip or plane ride?  It’s hot, then it’s cold, then you have to take shoes off in security.  You need to make sure you are comfortable too.  Let’s get this worked out so you don’t have to worry about what to wear on your journey along with what to pack for the rest of the trip.  Eek!  Packing for a trip is a whole other blog post!

I think it’s best to first make a list of things you shouldn’t wear.

1)  Boots, whether they be flat, high heel, over the knee, you get the idea.  If you wear boots in an airport, going through security is not going to be fun.  Your boots will be clunky and hard to remove, they won’t be especially easy to fit into the tray that goes through the x-ray machine, and then you have to put them back on, which will really piss off the people behind you because it will take you longer.  And, you won’t be comfortable once you get on the plane, or in a car for that matter.  I seriously advise staying away from them all together.  One exception — ankle booties might be okay, depending on the heel.

2)  High heels of any kind.  Just don’t do it.  I’ve seen that rare person walking through the airport in 4 to 5 inch heels and it looks ridiculous.  Think about all the walking you have to do in an airport.  This rule also stands for travelling in a car, it’s just not ideal at all.  If you are travelling for work or other function, and you will be heading to that straight away off the plane or car, then heels are an exception.  Even then, 4 to 5 inch heels are not acceptable for work!  Yet again, another blog post will be necessary for us to talk about work appropriate attire.

3)  Shorty shorts or skirts/dresses.  You will not be comfortable and you will end up pulling or moving things around to try and keep your bits covered up.  Plus, you don’t want to flash some creepy random guy in the airport or on the plane.  If you must wear a skirt or shorts, make sure when you sit, you are still appropriately covered.

Enough of the things you shouldn’t wear.  What should you wear?

1)  Comfortable long sleeve or quarter sleeve cotton shirt.  If you get warm, you can push sleeves up, if you are cold, push them down.

2)  A pair of pants or jeans.  Make sure the pants you choose have a little stretch to them.  A lot of jeans have 2% Lycra, which is ideal because these will stretch with your every movement and will be comfortable for prolonged periods of sitting.  Another option is to wear leggings.  Be very careful with these.  We haven’t covered leggings yet on Lessons In Style.  Your butt and nether regions have got to be completely covered with a tunic, long sweater, or long shirt dress.

3)  Flats.  Floors in airports and public bathrooms are dirty.  You don’t really want your feet catching all that nasty dirtiness with sandals.  And my feet get cold easily, do yours?  No?  Well, you get my drift.  If you really need to have a pair of sandals for when you get off the plane on the tropical island (jealous!), put a pair in your carry on bag.  This is what I did for our honeymoon (I actually had an entire change of clothes in my carry on for when we got off the plane).  And you might have to do a lot of walking between airport gates and flats will have better support.  Really, flats are more ideal for a plane trip.  I’ve worn sandals on a car trip and have been fine.  Use your judgment here.

4)  A scarf.  But!  You say, it’s warm out!  Stay with me here.  A scarf can be used for many things.  You can use it as a pillow, to cover your nose/mouth when the person next to you on the plane sneezes or coughs (yes, it happens) or to put around you if you get chilly.  You feeling me yet?

5)  A watch.  If you have to turn your phone off on the plane, you will still know the time!  Plus, a cute watch looks chic and it’s an easy accessory.

6)  If you are travelling in colder months, a sweater or light jacket (or coat depending upon where you are going) will be necessary.   Both a sweater and jacket can be layered for your hot/cold spells.

7)  A crossbody or messenger purse.  These purses will be easy to maneuver on your trip, plus, if you are doing a lot of sightseeing, they will come in handy.

Examples of travel outfits:

Rachel Bilson courtesy of InStyle Magazine online.

Jennifer Aniston travel outfit courtesy of Just Jared

The point of this post is that while you want to be comfortable, you don’t need to sacrifice style.  Is there a special item you wear when you travel?