winter survival tips…

Well, even with the warm weather that floated through the U.S. again this week, we are now back to colder temps (for most of us, anyway!).  I can tell a lot of people are itching to get out their spring wardrobe because I’m seeing more and more spring outfits on Pinterest.  And the stores have completely put winter clothes to the side to make room for all the pretty spring stuff.  But, let’s be realistic.  It’s only the end of January.  We still have a while to go, people.  So, let’s talk about a few ways you can beat back those winter blahs!

1)  Winterize a warm weather dress and add a pop of color!

Winterize Your Spring Dress

2)  Take Care of Your Skin

Winter puts a beating on skin.  Make sure you continue to use sunscreen (Yes!  Even in the winter.) and properly cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize for your skin type.  Aren’t sure of our exact skin type?  Click here to figure it out.

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Click on photo for more information or to purchase.

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4)  Paint your nails with some pretty colors.

Click on links below for more information.

Click on links below for more information.

Zoya Nail Polish in Mira

Essie Nail Polish in Snap Happy

Zoya Nail Polish in Poppy

5)  Take advantage of the great winter sales going on right now.  Places like J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Loft, Banana Republic, Limited, and others are trying to shove their winter wear out the door with you.  Many of them are offering 40 – 60% percent off their already reduced prices!  Now is the time to buy winter coats, wool pants and skirts, blazers, and sweaters.

mix it up!

One of the hottest things around right now is mixing patterns.  I think a lot of people are afraid of mixing patterns but it really is fun and easy once you get the hang of it.

Some rules for mixing patterns when you are a newbie:

  • Keep the colors in the same family.  As you get braver, you can start mixing blue stripes with orange polka dots.
  • Only use two patterns per outfit.  You want to look effortless.  And until you get the hang of it, keep it down to two.
  • Don’t worry if your colors don’t match exactly.  Have fun with it!

By the way, J. Crew has a big sale going on right now.  Take an extra 30% off final sale items!  Shop here until January 20.  At checkout, use code STYLEFIND.  Happy shopping!

Mixing 1

Mixing 2

Four Way Friday Part X

Ever wonder how to dress up that simple black skirt you’ve got in your closet?  There are so many ways to change up this wardrobe staple.  In this installment of Four Way Friday, I’ll show you how to remix a black skirt four ways, in four categories.  Just make sure this skirt hits you right above the knee, no more than three inches, so that it will be appropriate for work or play.  Also make sure you choose a skirt that you can easily move in, you don’t want to be uncomfortable since you will be wearing it so many different ways!

1)  Black Skirt Work

Black Skirt Work

Black Skirt Work

2)  Black Skirt After Work

Going out after work?  Just add a cute clutch or change up your shoes.

Black Skirt After Work

Black Skirt After Work

3)  Black Skirt Casual-Ish Weekend

These would be cute outfits for a fun weekend date or low-key event.

Black Skirt Casual-Ish Weekend

Black Skirt Casual-Ish Weekend

4)  Black Skirt Dressy Weekend

Date night, dinner and drinks with friends, or a Broadway play, these outfits have you all ready to go!

Black Skirt Dressy Weekend

Black Skirt Dressy Weekend

Have a great weekend!  Let me know if you try any of these looks!

Four Way Friday Part IX

A black blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you can own.  There is nothing it doesn’t match and it can instantly add polish to an outfit.  Fit is important so make sure you take the time to find one that looks like it was made for you.  If alterations are necessary, have them done.  The idea is to make you look more pulled together and an ill-fitting blazer just won’t do.

Even with all its versatility, it can still be easy to fall into a rut when styling a black blazer.  In this installment of Four Way Friday, I’ll show you how to style a black blazer four ways in four categories:  Work, After Work, Casual-ish Weekend, and Dressy Weekend.

1)  Black Blazer Work

Black Blazer Work

2)  Black Blazer After Work

Going out after work?  Just add a statement necklace or cute purse.

Black Blazer After Work

Black Blazer After Work

3)  Black Blazer Casual-ish Weekend

When it’s cool out but you don’t want to wear a cumbersome coat, throw on the black blazer for a little warmth.  I like wearing a blazer for shopping because I hate carrying a coat while looking for deals.

Black Blazer Casual-ish Weekend

Black Blazer Casual-ish Weekend

4)  Black Blazer Dressy Weekend

It’s easy to remix your wardrobe and wear thinner materials or short sleeves in the fall/winter when you cover them with a black blazer!

Black Blazer Dressy Weekend

Black Blazer Dressy Weekend


Four Way Friday Part VIII

Let’s get right into it!  Friday is in full swing and I’m trying to play catch up from the past week.  Your latest edition of Four Way Friday is here.  Don’t know about it yet?  On Four Way Friday I take one piece and show you how to style it four ways in four categories.

There is no reader question this week so I decided to style some beige corduroy skinny pants.  I personally love corduroy, but some may not.  For example, last night I was watching Big Bang Theory and Sheldon told his assistant her corduroy pants were too loud.  To quote her talking to Raj and Howard, “All I know is corduroy makes too much noise, and I have to go find quieter pants.”  I thought it was funny since I was sitting right then and there working on my corduroy outfits.

So let’s get started.  Corduroy is all over the place for the fall and winter season.  J.Crew, Ann Taylor, and many others are offering up some corduroy pants in various styles and colors.

1)  Corduroy At Work

Corduroy At Work

2)  Corduroy After Work.  If you need to add a little extra spice to your work outfit because you are headed out for drinks or dinner, just add a leather jacket, statement necklace, or clutch.

Corduroy After Work

3)  Corduroy Casual Weekend.  It’s fairly easy to dress corduroy down for the weekend without looking sloppy.

Corduroy Casual Weekend

4)  Corduroy Dressy Weekend.  I doubt anyone reaches for their favorite pair of corduroys when they want to dress up for the weekend.  But why not?  By adding some sequins, heels, or leather, how could you go wrong?

Corduroy Dressy Weekend

Four Way Friday Part VII

Welcome to Four Way Friday!  I’m looking forward to this weekend – Daylight Saving Time ends and we gain an hour on Sunday!  More time to plan outfits……

This week, you are going to see my recommendations for styling a quarter-sleeve knit black dress four ways in four categories:  Dressy Work, After Work, Casual-Ish Weekend, and Dressy Weekend.  The reader question inspiring this edition of Four Way Friday is below.

Dear Lessons In Style:

I own a quarter-sleeve knit black dress and I’ve just about run out of ideas of how to wear it.  I’ve worn it to work, a funeral visitation, but never on the weekends or for a dressy event.  I’ve heard it can be pretty versatile, but I don’t know where to begin.  


Back in Black and Bored

Dear Back in Black and Bored No More:

Black doesn’t have to be boring!  And a black knit dress is the perfect canvas – you can add as much or as little as you like!  I’ve given you a ton of examples below.  I hope you find some new ideas!

1)  Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – Dressy Work

The obvious place to wear this dress is to work.  It’s comfortable and keeps you covered in all the right ways and places.  However, do you get bored of the same way of wearing it?  I usually try to give you some casual work options on Four Way Friday, but it is a bit more difficult with a dress at work because when you add heels and such, you will automatically look more dressed up.  But, I think you will appreciate the options below.  It’s important to note that in outfit 2 and 4, you wear the button up under the dress!

Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – Dressy Work

2)  Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – After Work

Got an event or drinks/dinner after work?  Just add a pretty clutch, fun leather jacket, or fancy necklace!

Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – After Work

3)  Quarter- Sleeve Knit Black Dress – Casual-Ish Weekend

Just like with the black dress at work, making this dress casual for the weekend can be a challenge!  But by adding a cozy scarf, casual vest or jean jacket, and flat shoes or boots, you are pretty much there.

Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – Casual-ish Weekend

4)  Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – Dressy Weekend

Dress It Up!

Quarter-Sleeve Knit Black Dress – Dressy Weekend

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